Prohibition kills: education saves lives. Learn and never skip the safety measures.


You can download a copy of The Drug Users Bible in PDF format from any of the following locations:

Download from Google Drive here:
[Low Resolution 12MB]

Download from Google Drive here:
[Standard Resolution 60MB]

Download from Microsoft OneDrive here:!AkzBHiuFMxMHuhF46Smsu6qZ1Wa1?e=r5un16

Download from Mega here:

Download from iCloud here:

Download from DropBox here:

You can also browse or view the book on YouTube here: Just skip to the page you want, pause, and read. Note however that you will need to change the quality setting to 720p60 because the default quality is low and renders the text unreadable.

If you prefer your books on paper, The Drug Users Bible is available through most large online book stores, or can be purchased directly from Amazon:
As The Drug Users Bible self-evidently relates to drugs it could be banned and/or de-hosted in some jurisdictions at any time, so it is probably a good idea to download or order it sooner rather than later.