Prohibition kills: education saves lives. Learn and never skip the safety measures.


The first version of this book was titled The Honest Drug Book. This was updated, extended in both content and scope, and published as The Drug Users Bible in 2019.

The following is a list of individual additions to the Table of Contents:

1.3.2 Risk Mitigation For IV
1.3.4 Nasel Care
1.3.4 Chemsex
1.3.5 What Goes Up Must Come Down

2.3 Stimulants (The Stim Binge)
2.3.8 Adderall
2.3.17 Methylphenidate
2.4.5 Gabapentin
2.4.6 Pregabalin
2.5.2 Codeine
2.5.5 Lean
2.5.7 Oxycodone
2.5.9 Tramadol
2.6.3 DXM
2.9.3 L-Theanine

3.2.1 Psychedelics (Terence Mckenna's Three Way Test)
3.2.9 Morning Glory Seeds
3.2.13 Sensory Deprivation
3.2.16 Syrian Rue
3.3.4 Guarana
3.3.6 Khaini
3.4.4 Frankincense
3.4.13 Rhodiola
3.5.3 Ginkgo
3.6.2 Entada Rheedii
3.7.1 Datura

4.3.5 Drug Related Deaths: Notable People
4.4.2 The United States (Lest We Forget)
4.4.3 The Rest Of The World (On My Travels)
4.4.4 Dealers: A Different Perspective (When A Picture Paints A Thousand Words)
4.4.5 The Role of The Media
4.4.6 Mandatory Drug Testing
4.4.7 Activism: The Charter of Drug Users Rights
4.5.2 Global Snapshots
4.6 Culture and Society
4.6.1 Art, Film, Literature, Music
4.6.2 Food For The Psychedelic Mind
4.8.3 Poly Drug Combinations
4.8.4 Selected Molecules
4.8.5 Alphabetical Index

A complete list of the contents of The Drug Users Bible can be viewed on this page. The Honest Drug Book currently remains on sale as an item for collectors and for anyone who has concerns about purchasing a book with the new title (which could be viewed by some as self-incriminating).